Our Mission

NOVAprep®’s objectives are to help thousands of women around the world to live healthy lives objectives are to save the lives of thousands of women around the world by providing major innovation in the diagnosis of cervical cancer, to develop a new business model that takes into account both social and medical issues, to focus its commercial development on emerging markets and to respect the environment.




Our global network

About Us

Samples from over 2,000,000 patients have been analyzed using the patented NOVAprep® Technology.

NOVAprep® Technology is used in more than 100 countries around the world, more than 140 devices are used in Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and APAC (South, East Asia, Australia and Oceania).

Cancer screening is an issue of paramount importance for national health systems. It represents a large and growing market in which we are already present. In order to respond to the increasing demand for better ways to diagnose cervical cancer, we aim to continually enhance our effectiveness, to continue being innovative and to expand the reach of our products internationally – and especially in emerging markets with substantial demand.

We would like to thank all our staff, partners and clients who have put their trust in us, and reiterate our intention of developing products that can further improve our cancer-screening ability.

The Technology

Quality Assurance

Our reputation as a leading player in the Cytology Field is based on our commitment to meet the needs of our customers by providing first class quality products, and offering excellent after-sales support. All our products are manufactured and supplied within the framework of a Quality Management System accredited to EN ISO 13485:2016. The company undergoes regular internal and external audits to ensure these standards are maintained.