Decantation System

The sedimentation process is revolutionary. It combines the benefits of a sedimentation chamber with those of a supernatant peripheral absorption system. The sedimentation system is composed of the metal plate designated the press, the orange chambers and blotters.

The orange chambers are placed inside the press with the clear flexible ring in contact with the slide and the plastic orange ring inserted into the guide of the press. The blotters are positioned over the slides and positioned correctly through the use of two alignment pins. With all components in place, the press maintains a constant pressure on the blotter during the supernatant absorption process.

A homogenous cellular cell deposit is formed (cell spot) of 19 mm by the decanting system. In order to maximize the system’s ergonomics, the orange chambers are grouped into rows of eight.

NOVAPREP® Decantation System

The Decantation system sits on the Deck Tray which aids in the maintenance of the constant pressure on the blotter area during the supernatant absorption process.

Cells can thus be displayed in a homogenous way on the glass.

  1. Slide
  2. Blotter area
  3. Decantation chamber
  4. Press
  5. NOVAprep® HQ+ Orange Vials