NOVAPREP Solutions


NOVAprep® NOVASTICK is a solution specifically developed by NOVAprep® to optimize the adherence of cells onto the glass slides. NOVAprep® NOVASTICK is provided as a concentrated solution of 30mL to be diluted with isotonic Salt Solution (0.9 % NaCl).

Novastick® Solution

NOVAprep® HQ+ Preservative Solution

NOVAprep® HQ+ Preservative Solution is a storage solution developed by NOVAprep® and available in 1L bottles. This solution is used as a mixing solution to wash the sedimentation pellets and reduce small particle deposits such as red blood cells to reduce background interference on the slide. This solution is the same as the preservative solution in the NOVAprep® HQ+ Orange Vials.

NOVAPREP® Preservation Solution

Decontamination Solution

Decontamination Solution is used in a diluted form for the operation of the NPS platform’s fluidics system. This solution is available in a concentrated form in a 50mL bottle and can be diluted in distilled water.


Diluted bleach solution is stored in 1L containers. This solution is used to disinfect the needles when in the wash station.