This slide atlas has been designed as a tool to help develop and refine slide interpretation using images prepared using NOVAprep® Technology.

Users of the NOVAprep® atlas find it a good educational tool and ongoing reference aid for the NOVAprep® liquid-based cytology system.

All images represent NOVAprep® slides. The photographs are intended to illustrate typical findings on NOVAprep® sample preparations and may be subject to individual interpretation

Laboratory Efficiency

The NOVAprep® Next Generation LBC and Molecular solution provides greater laboratory efficiencies through a modern, efficient platform and by reducing processing steps & hands on time.

Patient Safety

The NOVAprep® Next Generation vial uniquely protects the integrity of the primary sample, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, and improving patient safety in the modern HPV world.

Cost Effective

The unique NOVAprep® Next Generation solution simplifies the LBC process, using less reagents with less steps, to deliver high quality results at affordable costs for today’s healthcare economy.

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