NOVAprep® is a next generation liquid based cytology solution, utilized in the diagnosis of cervical cancer as part of a screening program and of non-gynecological cancers in patients. We designed and developed a unique vial with integrated cell extraction system, a self-sealing cap and preservative media to preserve the cells in a near native state which maintains cell clusters and cell integrity. The NOVAprep® solution fully automates the process from sample to slide and prepares a sample aliquot for molecular testing.

NOVAprep® HQ+

How It Works

For the first time in the history of cytology, specific vials dedicated to optimizing cell collection have been created. These revolutionary vials are very different from those that were.

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LBC: A Colposcopist's View

Dr Simon Leeson, a leading UK Colposcopist, shares his experience of the change in screening methodology from conventional to liquid based cytology screening in the UK


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NOVAprep® products and services are manufactured and supplied within the framework of a Quality Management System accredited to EN ISO 13485:2016.